Risk and Reward

July, 2010    SMM-069 Risk and Reward From early stage development partnerships to wording adverse event warnings, this crop of peer-reviewed research has lessons from marketers working across the pharmaceutical development...

Seeking Success

August, 2010    SMM-068 Seeking Success One thing that has become apparent through recent research by Dr Brian D Smith is that many senior industry executives foresee, over the next decade, fundamental change in the sector. This selection of...

Community Focus

September, 2010    SMM-067 Community Focus New data suggests that marketers must shift their attention from individual influencers to complex decision-making units, say Dr Brian D Smith and Marcus Bergler, in this feature in Pharmaceutical...

Survival of the Fittest

September, 2010    SMM-071 Survival of the Fittest This review of published research considers varying views on adapting pharma business models to fit the changing environment.

The Observation Effect

October, 2010    SMM-070 The Observation Effect This review of published research looks at corporate social responsibility (CSR), including studies of some of the most important companies in the pharmaceutical industry.