A butterfly flaps its wings

February, 2017    SMM-156b A butterfly flaps its wings In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the idea that complex systems can be so delicately balanced that small events, such as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings, can have large effects, such...

Choices, choices

March, 2017    SMM-158b Choices, choices Not all innovative business models are equal – different ‘species’ of business model are required to fit different parts of the healthcare environment.

Amazon’s invasion

December, 2017    SMM-171 Amazon’s invasion It’s no good being alarmed about Amazon entering the pharma market as a new channel. The organisation is incredibly competitive; and the disruption it has caused in every market it has touched...

The New Basics

December, 2017    SMM-172 The New Basics Why innovative products and creative marketing won’t help if our industry fails to address the new basics.