Six Great Shifts

November, 2014    SMM-118 Six Great Shifts This feature article from PharmaFocus Asia pulls together all the complex changes in our industry environment to identify six evolutionary selection pressures that will determine whether business models...

Pharma’s Pigeons

January, 2015    SMM-117 Pharma’s Pigeons This short article describes how rare disease business models are an early sign of the evolutionary path of some pharma companies. It’s a good way to put this increasingly popular strategy into a...

Searching for Junk

January, 2015    SMM_119 Searching for Junk A short article that looks at recent acquisitions in medical industries and suggests questions executives should ask to ascertain whether their acquisition strategy has the right focus.

A Matter of Trust

February, 2015    SMM-120 A Matter of Trust This is a short article that looks at the likely future relevance of consumer brand trust to pharma companies.