Segmentation, evolved

April, 2018    SMM-178 Segmentation, evolved Evolutionary adaptations are a response to market selection pressures, as seen by Sanofi’s Praluent strategy.

2018 by Darwin

January, 2018    SMM-173 2018 by Darwin Our industry’s evolution can’t be predicted, but it can be foreseen, says Brian D Smith in this look at the industry trends emerging in 2018.

The Secret of Success

February, 2018    SMM-174 The Secret of Success It is becoming clear that success in pharma is associated with specialisation, but what is the mechanism by which it works?

Digital shakeout

March, 2018    SMM-175 Digital shakeout Recent announcements by Nokia, Roche and others point to where digital health is heading. Whether their business models will survive or become extinct depends on how well they adapt to the Information...

The evolution of brand strategy

March, 2018    SMM-176 The evolution of brand strategy As our market has evolved into one where payers and patients shape decisions, the nature of brand strategy has adapted to that new environment. This article, describes the newly emerging...