JMM Research Watch Vol 11.3

June, 2011    JMM-029 JMM Research Watch Vol 11.3 This quarter’s review of published research reflects some of the most compelling issues facing medical marketers: Innovation, finance and the creation of new markets.

JMM Research Watch Vol 11.4

September, 2011    JMM-030 JMM Research Watch Vol 11.4 This review of peer-reviewed research covers topics from allocating marketing budgets to HMO tactics, from health advocacy organisations to sales team technology and from outsourcing to CROs to...

The Causes of Healthcare Inflation

December, 2011    SMM-084 The Causes of Healthcare Inflation To understand the belief that medical technology costs drive healthcare inflation it is useful to trace its origins. The idea that spending on medical technology is a primary driver of...

Pinpoint Precision

December, 2011    SMM-085 Pinpoint Precision It is important to improve the risk-adjusted return on investment ratio when performing the annual brand plan review.

Two Tribes

February, 2012    SMM-086 Two Tribes Among the cultural similarities that are shared by every pharmaceutical company is the tribalism of sales and marketing. Longstanding methods to try to bridge the divide have failed, so now it is time to look at...