The Great Data Event

December, 2021    SMM-241 The Great Data Event Nobody can deny that digital health will transform the environment. But it won’t be the apps that do it.

Mastering Relationships

December, 2021    SMM-242 Mastering Relationships This final article in a series of four about strategy expertise delves into the nebulous concept of relationships and how strategy experts master them.

Modelling Success

December, 2021    SMM-240 Modelling Success In recent years, the term ‘Business Model’ has come to dominate board-room conversations. Whether firms want to adapt their existing business model or create an entirely new one, the term has become...

Aduhelm’s Two Futures

December, 2021    SMM-239 Aduhelm’s Two Futures I spend much of my life researching the evolution of the life sciences industry, and I’m often asked for my opinion on current developments in the sector. There are two possible futures I can...